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Coal, cereals, fertilizers of Russian, Ukrainian origin are three main commodities which we are dealing with and are able to supply to our Clients all over the world.

We can ship any quantities from 3000mt up to 100 000mt (depending on loading port restrictions) to any European, Asian, African or American port. Each shipment has proper quality and quantity certificate from SGS or equivalent. Our company provides chartering services, thus we can offer up to date rates any time and find vessel at more attractive level and for required dates, so we work both with Sellers who sell on FOB or CIF basis which gives you flexibility and guarantee for more attractive prices and conditions. Loading ports are located in Baltic / Black seas and Far East, which fully complains with geography of our Customers.

According to your requirements we will supply you coal (steam, anthracites, coking)  for power engineering, metallurgy, by-product-coking industry and other lines of business. We work directly with about 15 reliable Russian coal mines, it enables us to source required coal at short notice, which will fully comply with Customer specification.

Second highest by volume commodity among those we supply are agricultural products and first of cereals: wheat of different grades, barley, corn, sunflower seeds, peas, etc. of Russian and Ukrainian origin. Also ready to supply a wide range of products, from first class food cereals for human consumption to feed grains and grains mixture, including derived from grains products (sunflower oil, flour, etc.).

The last in our top three export commodity are fertilizers: urea, potash, phosphates of Russian and Ukrainian origin.

To start our cooperation kindly asking you to send us: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. official request, LOI (Letter of Intent) on your company letterhead is most welcomed and will be handled primarily.
After acknowledgement of receipt of your inquiry we may ask you some additional questions regarding your request (if such info is missing, like payment terms, place of delivery, quantity, etc.) and will be able to revert with SCO at very short notice (sub checking availability of product, freight, etc.)

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