How and where to buy profitable vessel.

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      The professionals of our company will help quickly and profitably sell or buy a vessel in accordance with your requirements. Also, before purchase will arrange an inspection, recommend surveyor, prepare documents, and the contract for sale of the vessel.          Also we provide support services for the delivery and registration of the vessel under a flag of convenience.        When there is a need to purchase vessel, you already know which area of ​​the vessel will operate, and what tasks to carry out, more or less clear, and the budget has come one of the most labor-intensive stages - search.        At that time, when it comes to place an order for the construction of the new vessel the situation is quite simple: the project is selected, the order of the prices predictable thing left for the "small" - to find a contractor capable of performing the order, laid in a certain time and you come to an agreement on the  procedure for financing the construction. Here, often, and start of: large domestic shipbuilders busy defense orders, their European counterparts impose too severe financial requirements, and Asian shipbuilders ready to burn you at all, that will fit in 2-3 years. Moreover, the search for independent contractors themselves will take a tremendous amount of time and there is no absolute guarantee that the selected shipyard, as a result, be able to cope with the timely implementation of the order.        To solve this problem – help of marine broker is more than justified. Our specialists are constantly monitoring the situation in the shipbuilding industry, analyzing the change and capacity utilization at various shipyards in the Baltic Sea, the Black Sea and the Pacific Rim. Regular monitoring of the activities of shipping companies allows advance outline the range of potential contractors for each project. And the experience and business connections allow for the preparation of all necessary legal and financial records, including bank guarantees as soon as possible.        Thus, referring to the industry professionals, you will not only save your time, effort and money, but also provides risk reduction and optimization of the timing of the project. And in some cases, may delegate functions and to oversee compliance with the schedule and the quality of the work undertaken, the acceptance of the finished vessel and its registration.          Buy a vessel in the secondary market.
       If you put aside the issue price, the purchase of the vessel in the secondary market on the one hand, a little easier to get into than building. However, this process also has a number of very important nuances that need to be addressed. No matter what you want to buy a ship, the task can be divided into several stages:

  • search the vessel under relevant requirements;
  • checking the technical condition of the selected vessel;
  • checking compliance of the vessel is necessarily work in the areas of proposed operation and requirements of the Register with the estimated period of operation;
  • legal review of the vessel and the ship owner;
  • evaluation of the real market value of the vessel;
  • the negotiation and preparation of the contract;
  • delivery, acceptance of vessel, registration.

       Search usually begin in two ways: by their contacts directly on the Internet by search queries such as "sale of ships", "fleet sales." Regardless of whether you want to buy fishing vessels, cargo or passenger information retrieval algorithms for the sale - the same. As a result, the search engine will give you a specific list of sites of organizations involved (in their view) the provision of a specific range of services for the sale of ships. Many of these companies publish on their websites directories ships for sale, which are grouped by type: cargo ships, passenger ships, fishing vessels, as well as specialized fleet.       The main thing is not to run into non-professional players and individuals, which creates a more or less presentable website is still not yet able to work effectively in this market. And so, instead of real ads or requests for purchase, they placed "fake" - designed to lure customers, while in reality the vessel with such parameters in their base there. Recognize these sites quite difficult, but there are some subtleties that should pay attention to: The published announcement shall contain precise data. For example, should indicate the year of construction of the vessel, and not his age.
If the data is really about selling the ship there from a broker, from the moment of your request to clarify the parameters of the ad must not go more than a day.
Note the e-mail address of the sender. If he is sent to one of the "public" e-mail domains (@, @, etc.) and does not match the domain name (address) of the site where you found the advert, then with high probability you're dealing with your own or disgruntled employees who want to "take away the order" at his company.
       Our company policy is not intended to deliberately placing the catalog for the sale of ships on the website or in other open sources of information, and there are several reasons.        Firstly, the fact that the vessel with the desired characteristics can not be in the database does not mean that it can not buy. Our specialists closely interact with shipowners and well aware of their fleet, as well as trying to keep abreast of business sentiment in the company. Accordingly, we are able to offer ship-owner to sell the vessel for which there is a serious inquiry.        Secondly, established strong business relationships within the professional community of marine brokers, both within Russia and abroad allow for the benefit of our customers address their data.         Thirdly, maintaining the information catalog to date requires extra investment of time and stimulates unfair competition and significantly harms the market.
       The next step after we found the ship meets the required parameters, it is necessary to conduct a series of tests (steps 2-4) to make sure that we do get exactly what you were looking for. Here, too, you can go two ways: use of experts from the staff of the company, whose competence "relate" to the competence of professionals and, for example, to send an experienced captain/engineer to assess the technical condition of the vessel;
entrust the execution of audits professionals brokerage company that will attract the licensed experts, surveyors, appraisers, especially true when the ship is in thousands of nautical miles from your office.
       And yet, how to make sure that the price indicated by the seller adequate market? And despite your willingness to agree with it, you do not overpay a couple of hundred thousand dollars? You've got to be a specialist who keeps abreast of the market and makes a dozen monthly transactions for the sale of ships and not only. Plus also has access to reference materials and newsletters rating agencies.        The decision to perform the full range of tasks listed on their own, certainly characterizes you as an experienced specialist versed in the matter, but it takes an incredible amount of time can be more profitably spent on the development of their own business.        In turn, our specialists are ready to take care of all these problems, as they say, "turnkey", putting on guard of your interests all his experience and reputation.

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