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       Sales of vessels, the assessment of marine and river vessels of various types - our core competence. Our specialists in the sale of ships are ready to a full range of services: from market research and valuation of the vessel to support and closing, as well as registration of the vessel under a flag of convenience.
   Preparation for a transaction, is time consuming and requires specific knowledge and skills in the legal field and in the area of ​​practical operation of vessels of various types.       By analogy with the sale of real estate, and according to the Law of the Sea ship is real estate, market sale of vessels usually conduct intermediaries - brokers. They are professionals to help customers find the right buyer or vessel for purchase and ensure the purity and transparency of the transaction.         Maritime brokers mainly deal with market professionals who value their time and understand the risks associated with the sale or purchase on their own. For the most part, they already have the experience of self-searching and buying / selling ships, including negative. It is connected first of all with the fact that the market is flooded with not like any non-professional players, who spend your time but pure fraudsters. A high risks due to the high value of the objects.        Not being a shipowner, marine broker acts exclusively in the interests of his client for a commission, which is usually in the range of 1% of the transaction amount. Taking into account that the majority of customers need to buy a ship, among the most actual marine broker tasks are: the search for and evaluation of the vessel involved in the negotiations on behalf of the client or in conjunction with preparation of the draft contract and the closing of the transaction (transfer and registration of the vessel).      For Ship-owners, wanting to sell the ship, the broker advises on the situation on the market, provides an independent assessment, places in its database or online catalog of ships for sale. When a contract granting exclusive rights to broker the sale of the vessel, who, in turn, begins to work on an active market. Active sale of vessel involves organizing various events marketing character. Just one example: in the case of the sale of a fishing vessel, the broker will organize targeted mailing list prepared in advance by the electronic prospectus for its database of fishing companies. In addition to general information about the vessel, we will ask you to provide some additional documentation.        The conclusion of the contract with the broker, giving him the exclusive right to sell your vessel, not only to shorten the sale, as in our experience such vessels are sold in 3-4 times faster and saves you from idle tens of phone calls and hundreds of e-mails, and sometimes and frustration of the failed transaction.         The core value for the broker in addition to the experience is the reputation. It provides a reputable influx of customers wanting to buy vessel, which in turn motivates shipowners to market vessel via such broker.

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